IRIS is a value-based company. Your privacy is important and we won't sell your data

  1. We are founded on two decades of scientific research. We have been focusing on research and development and have multiple patents worldwide.
  2. Our patented technology integrates your genetic makeup, functional microbiome, metabolites, lifestyle, family history and environmental factors to help optimize your personal health.

IRIS is Knowledgeable

  1. We are able to provide key scientific insights beyond conventional medicine at top hospitals.
  2. We have the most complete approach available in the field today to fight cancer and many other diseases. Our approach is based on deep genomic science.
  3. We know that medicine today is mostly a one-size-fits-all model where everyone is treated the same. Unfortunately, these treatment(s) do not work for everyone because we are all different.

IRIS is all encompassing:

  1. We look at the whole person.  We collect information, do the research and analyze genomics, gene expression, protein expression, functional microbiome, metabolites, life style, environment, and comprehensive family medical history to understand the whole picture and deliver unprecedented insight into your overall health at the molecular level. No other company comes close to providing such a broad and in-depth analysis.
  2. We provide this vital comprehensive information to you and your physician.
  3. We are accurate and reliable.

IRIS Provides Vital Information

  1. We provide pertinent fitness and wellness information of real clinical value.
  2. We provide individual and whole genome sequencing.
  3. We provide an integrated test report substantially faster than anyone else if the company already knows your health history at a molecular and personal level.
  4. We establish genetic baseline for individuals to see specific health trends and to create a plan of action to optimize their health.
  5. The baselines and tumor analysis can be used immediately for selecting treatment at the onset of a diagnosis.
  6. We can provide an in-depth understanding of how epigenetics and your microbiome impact your health. We also help inform your medical treatment(s) for a longer, healthier and higher quality of life and save you money in the long run.
  7. The standard comprehensive metabolite panel that doctors order has only 14 chemicals. The IRIS In-depth Metabolite test screens and analyze approximately 900 chemicals for faster and more effective interventions.

IRIS Customizes Individual Plans

Our team of MD(s), PhD(s), and other medical technology professionals tailor the program to enhance each individual’s health and wellbeing.

IRIS offers competitive pricing:

We want to make genetic testing available and affordable to everyone.

IRIS Champions:

The practice of medicine is shifting and IRIS is in the forefront.

IRIS is pioneering the application of personalized precision medicine to all aspects of health and disease (not just cancer), by utilizing all of the molecular biosciences, including but not limited to:

  1. Genetics (single genes and their role)
  2. Epigenetics (gene expression control)
  3. Genomics (all genes: DNA analysis)
  4. Transcriptome (genes: RNA analysis)
  5. Proteome (protein analysis)
  6. Metabolomics (metabolism)
  7. Microbiome (bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.)
  8. Different conventional and new blood tests

Why At This Point in Time?

  1. The cost of genetic testing has decreased quite substantially making it more affordable and accessible to everyone.
  2. IRIS has successfully provided in-depth, individualized analysis, beyond conventional medicine, for faster and deeper insight into a wide spectrum of pathologies, enabling faster and more effective prevention and intervention.
  3. IRIS is relevant to you and your family because it can provide important, deep insights that can make a real, positive impact on the quality of your life. You are unique and IRIS works with you and your healthcare provider(s), based upon your actual data, to help optimize your health and wellness. The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

Era of Precision Medicine

  1. Personalized research and individual clinical trials could save many lives.
  2. Targeted drugs and treatment will save time and money.

Here is how Personalized Medicine Will Work For You.
  1. Your age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, level of fitness and state of health are clues which enable us to provide you and your doctor with a map to your improved health.
  2. The data which you provided emerges, from our proprietary technology, as precision medicine guidelines for you, with the help of your doctor, to achieve extended health benefits.
  3. With our premier, genetically based diagnostic methodology, you and your doctor will discover the real genetic you.
  4. This enables you, and your doctor, to proceed with confidence in taking the necessary steps for your healthier progression now.
  5. This progression promises to be sustained throughout your aging years, thanks to on-going strides in genetic medicine.


We are happy to hear your interest in how we, at IRIS, can assist you in achieving optimum health.

No matter your age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, level of fitness or state of health, IRIS can help.