Welcome! Here are 4 questions that you deserve to ask yourself?

  1. How do I know if I (or my loved one) am healthy?
  2. How can I improve my health or my loved one’s health?
  3. In times of illness, how do I know that I (or my loved one) am getting the best treatment available?
  4. Do I know whether my illness or diseases will reoccur?

IRIS Wellness Labs can help you answer these questions and much more.

  • By getting health monitoring, you can maintain or improve your health.
  • By getting your whole genome sequenced, you can see if you are a carrier or pre-disposed to certain diseases.
  • Our comprehensive analysis helps you make more informed decisions and to take the appropriate actions necessary to optimize your health.
  • We provide critical information to your doctor to help select the best course of treatment that would be most effective for you.
  • We monitor your genetic changes and will be able to help detect or possibly prevent recurrence.
  • With your consent, you will be enrolled in our life long clinical studies where we will do analysis to identify risks, trends, and treatment(s) unique to each individual and disease.