What can IRIS provide your Physicians:

  1. Saves time.  We provide them with important information.
  2. Vital genetic information. If the patient has their genetic baseline available at IRIS, they will be able to access the results immediately.
  3. Comprehensive analysis results. Detailed information based on their patient’s genetic test(s) results, life style and environmental factors.
  4. Molecular information. We provide relevant data so they can select the most effective treatment for their patients.

What can IRIS provide to your organization:

  1. Make you a leader in the medical industry by the successful treatments of your patients.
  2. Make your organization a Champion for Precision Medicine.
  3. Partner with your organization to run clinical trials.
  4. Provide you with information on potential clinical trial(s).

To learn more, e-mail us at contact@iriswellnesslabs.com or contact us directly at (408) 806-7149

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