What IRIS can provide to your organization:


  1. IRIS’ In-depth, Individualized Analysis Platform will give you a competitive edge and enable you to gain significant savings by providing
    • More efficient and more effective ways to help those that have high cost claims.
    • High-impact health and optional wellness programs to your members so they can be healthier.
    • Targeted diagnostic testing so unnecessary tests are eliminated.
    • Precision individualized treatment so the most effective treatment can be sought the first time. There is potential to eliminate the expenses and mobidities associated with treatments that may be determined unlikely to succeed.
  2. Being recognized as a leader for revolutionizing the insurance industry through the use of the IRIS In-depth, Individualized Analysis platform to improve health care.
  3. Make you a Champion for Precision Medicine, one who embraces new leading edge technology.


To learn more, e-mail us at contact@iriswellnesslabs.com or contact us directly at (408) 806-7149.