The cost will vary depending on each Client’s request and needs. The initial consultation is only $99. Client’s can choose to continue with basic tests, which can vary from a few hundred dollars to $2,000, or a comprehensive screening with scientific analysis on health and wellness for $3,500. Our closest competitor charges more than $10,000 for a similar service. A Client may also choose to subscribe to our annual subscription service for $1,999, which offers monthly monitoring.

We work with people who are healthy and those that have a variety of health issues from all over the world. We have developed customized wellness programs for those that are looking to improve their overall health. We have also provided scientific consultation to some patients and in some cases interacted with their doctors in various hospital systems, such as Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente, UC San Francisco, Stanford Health Care and Dignity Health.
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We do the thorough analysis and share the critical information in a report format to enable the doctor to potentially select the best treatment for the client.

Genomic analysis is still an emerging field but is generating intense study and public interest. Different doctors and insurers will embrace innovative medical technology at different rates. Some tend to be early adopters while others are more conservative and wait. The IRIS team will assist you and your doctor in whatever way is most prudent to meet your needs.

Some genomic information is highly specific while others are more of a general nature. We will explain our findings and will work with you and your doctor to select the best course of action.

Yes. Our individualized clinical study is aimed at optimizing the health and wellbeing of a patient. It provides more insight and a better understanding at a molecular, life style, environmental, and health history level. With this critical information in hand, we show currently available drugs as well as drugs in clinical trial that target specific molecules.

The target of traditional drug trials is to produce some efficacy for some people without causing death, with known and unknown adverse side effects on many users. This method does not address whether a drug will work for a specific patient.

For some chemotherapy drugs, the traditional goal is simply to achieve some efficacy without doing too much harm. This traditional approach often ends up being “trial and error”, without the ability to assess effectiveness in advance. Getting the wrong treatment will impact the longevity and quality of life and may even lead to an early unnecessary death.

Going forward with individualized clinical studies, as our collective genomic database grows, we fully expect to use genomic and other molecular information to enable the selection of the best drugs and predict their effectiveness.

We can also advise on diet, exercise, and other factors to help improve your overall wellbeing.

Many insurance companies are now paying for some genomic tests as well as wellness programs. Though, most do not pay for whole genome sequencing (WGS) as of yet, it is a very useful starting point. WGS is not everything, but without molecular insight, a patient often does not get the best treatment, and is not able to live a high quality of life. Cigna is one that covers Whole Exome Sequencing under disease specific criteria.
Although WGS may not be fully covered by all insurance right now, we will continue to advocate for this test to be covered in the future.

The health of an employee is crucial to any business. Some employers are already paying for their employee’s health monitoring program.

The choice is yours. Do you want to get healthy, stay as healthy as you can, for as long as you can or wait until you get sick?
You can choose to be pro-active and invest in scientific knowledge that will lead you on a path to good health and wellness and increase the quality and longevity of your life or be reactive and wait. BUT, realize that if you wait until you are diagnosed with a disease or illness, you may suffer and risk unnecessary pain and possibly even an early death.

IRIS makes your health and wellness our number one priority.
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