The cost will vary depending on each Client’s request and needs. Our scientific consultation is only $99 per 15-minute session. Clients can choose to continue with basic to moderately advanced tests, which starts from a few hundred dollars to $2,000, or a comprehensive DNA screening with scientific analysis on health and wellness for $3,500.

We work with people who are healthy and those that have a variety of health issues from all over the world. We have developed customized wellness programs for those that are looking to improve their overall health. We have also provided scientific consultation to some patients and in some cases interacted with their doctors in various hospital systems, such as Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente, UC San Francisco, Stanford Health Care and Dignity Health.
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We do the thorough analysis and share the critical information in a report format to enable the doctor to potentially select the best treatment for the client.

IRIS tests DNA, microbial function, and chemical signatures of metabolites. IRIS examines up to 3.2 billion molecules in a person’s DNA sequence, about 10 million microbial gene activities, and approximately 900 metabolites. But that’s only the beginning. IRIS then integrates this information with personal medical records, lifestyle, family history and environmental factors.

The depth of analysis by IRIS provides health care professionals with quicker, deeper insights into the nature of specific pathologies, enabling quicker, and more effective therapeutic interventions. Different doctors will embrace innovative medical technology at different rates. The IRIS team will assist you and your doctor in whatever way is most prudent to meet your needs.

Doctors have changed patients’ medications based upon our on-depth scientific analysis.  We will explain our findings and will work with you and your doctor to select the best course of action.

Yes. Our in-depth scientific analysis is aimed at optimizing the health and wellbeing of a patient. It provides more insight and a better understanding at a molecular, life style, environmental, and health history level. The IRIS approach is based on more than 20 years of research and program development in obtaining accurate data, and learning how to meaningfully integrate it into health management. We can also advise on diet, exercise, and other factors to help improve your overall wellbeing.

Many insurance companies are now paying for some genomic tests as well as wellness programs.
You can use your company’s health saving acoount (HSA) or health reimburment account (HRA) to pay for our services.  We can also help your company to save up to 20% on health plan premiums immediately and set up HSA or HRA to pay for powerful testings that could make a big difference in the longevity and quality of your life.

The health of an employee is crucial to any business. Some employers are already paying for their employee’s health monitoring program.

The choice is yours. Do you want to get healthy, stay as healthy as you can, for as long as you can or wait until you get sick?
You can choose to be pro-active and invest in scientific knowledge that will lead you on a path to good health and wellness and increase the quality and longevity of your life or be reactive and wait. BUT, realize that if you wait until you are diagnosed with a disease or illness, you may suffer and risk unnecessary pain and possibly even an early death.

IRIS makes your health and wellness our number one priority.
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