What can IRIS do for physicians?

Save you valuable time. IRIS does the in-depth, individualized analysis and generates important information, enabling you to make more-informed decisions to achieve quicker and more effective medical interventions and possibly even prevention.

IRIS works with physicians and patients at UCSF, Stanford, Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, St. Joseph Health, One Medical and other medical facilities across the country. By using the IRIS platform, physicians have been able to make better-informed decisions. Patients have improved mental function, increased energy, decreased depression, have avoided open-heart surgery, achieved healthy, sustained weight loss (15%), and improved diabetes control with less medication, prevented diabetes and many more benefits. IRIS has also helped improve the quality of life of cancer patients, those with immune system diseases, digestive issues and a host of other problems.

IRIS examines up to 3.2 billion molecules in an individual’s DNA sequence; more than 1,100 species of gut microbes; millions of microbial gene activities; and approximately 900 metabolites. The standard comprehensive metabolite test that doctors order only includes 14 metabolites. IRIS offers the most in-depth functional microbiome analysis. The IRIS platform integrates all this biochemical information with personal medical records, lifestyle, family history and environmental factors, and then distills it into practical recommendations.

To learn more or speak to someone directly, please e-mail us at contact@iriswellnesslabs.com or contact us directly at (408) 806-7149.