What can IRIS do for your organization?

  1. Save you significant money and increase your profit by providing health and wellness programs to your employees to optimize their health and productivity.
    • Lower absenteeism
    • Increased job satisfaction
    • Increased work efficiency
  2. Be recognized as a leader in your industry for taking an interest in your employees and providing good healthcare for them.
  3. Make you a Champion for Precision Medicine, one who embraces new leading edge technology.


  1. Establish an initial baseline of their overall health.
  2. Analyze the information from a scientific and medical basis
  3. Customize a program to improve individual health through diet and exercise.
  4. Monitor and tweak program to optimize health (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual)


  1. Employee can request molecular testing (individual or whole genome sequencing) to understand their health risks.
  2. Comprehensive analysis of genetic, functional microbiome, metabolites, lifestyle and environmental factors is most effective.
  3. During illness, we work with the employee and their doctor to select the best, targeted treatment the first time in hopes of increasing effectiveness and quality of life.

To learn more, e-mail us at contact@iriswellnesslabs.com or contact us directly at (408) 806-7149.