IRIS In-depth Metabolite and Functional Microbiome Tests

Our personal DNA, the DNA of our microbiome and our lifestyle/environment work together to create the chemicals of life, better known as metabolites or biomarkers. Biomarkers are used as indicators of the presence or severity of a particular disease state. We are all familiar with the cholesterol, triglycerides and fasting blood glucose tests that are part of a routine medical exam. These biomarkers typically place us somewhere on the sickness/wellness continuum.

Cutting-edge medical research has discovered the tremendous role that gut microbes play in human health. We now know that communities of microbes play as significant a role in preventing disease and sickness as in causing them by considerably expanding the number of genes within us.

This chemical information, both human and microbial DNA and metabolites, is now readily captured with sophisticated technology, but it is the analysis that is crucial. IRIS Wellness Labs In-Depth Metabolite and Functional Microbiome tests are ushering in an unprecedented approach for disease care and prevention. By examining more than 1,100 species of gut microbes and the activity of their millions of genes, as well as approximately 900 metabolic biomarkers, clinicians are able to specifically assess the presence or severity of a particular disease state.

The IRIS platform integrates all this biochemical information with personal medical records, lifestyle, family history and environmental factors which is then distilled into practical recommendations to monitor and predict a patients health status so that appropriate therapeutic intervention can be planned. The IRIS platform is the most sophisticated program available and is continually updated with new relevant medical research as it becomes available.

Microbes, especially bacteria, are fundamental to the core of all ecosystems, large and small, including those in our own guts. The trillions of microbes that constitute our microbiome, a term used to describe all our microorganisms and their genetic material, reside in various locations on and in the human body. The gut microbiome is a critical component of a person’s metabolism and overall health playing a direct role in human nutrition. Our gut microbes help produce vitamins, increase nutrient absorption and energy conversion, train our immune system, and create neurotransmitters that drive our nervous system influencing memory, mood, and cognition.

An unhealthy microbiome can produce harmful metabolites that may contribute to many disorders, from cancer to chronic fatigue syndrome as well as a major role in obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Disturbances in the microbiome have been linked to our risk of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia. For people with leaky gut, chronic systemic inflammation will persist until a healthy microbiome and gut lining are restored. The right microbial species need to be present in the gut, and the right genes need to be active as well. The IRIS platform enables us to analyze both of these important factors.

We are in the early stages of understanding how important and essential our microbiome is for our health. When our lifestyles support a healthy microbiome, the vast majority allow us to live a healthy, disease free life.

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