Type Cost Add
Individual 30-Minutes Session $189
12 Monthly Sessions $1,999/Year
(Save 10%)

Monthly monitoring is available to everyone whether you want to maintain or improve your health or are sick and want to get better.

We monitor your lifestyle and environmental influences. We provide you with a scientific analysis of your overall health and work with you and your physician (optional) to work towards improving your health and wellness.  Our scientific analysis may include the recommendation of additional tests, if needed but it is your choice whether or not to take it.

One purpose of monitoring is to see trends or changes in your molecular profile, which can be an early indicator for diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, which can take years to develop before they are even detectable by current screening methods. Seeing the trends early has the potential to prevent or slow down certain disease.

Monitoring is most effective when used in conjunction with testing but can be done without testing as well. It’s your choice!

A member of our team works with you on a regular basis. The monitoring schedule can be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or customized to fit your needs.

Based on information that you provide, along with any clinical or molecular diagnostic test results, we will discuss with you and your physician (optional) steps that can be taken to improve your health and wellness, and to determine if additional testing is needed.

With your consent, you will be enrolled in our life long clinical studies where we will do analysis to identify risks, trends, and treatment(s) unique to each individual and disease.

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