Can you answer these simple questions?
If not, get your answers from IRIS Wellness Labs.

Am I healthy?
Am I at Risk of getting sick?

Risk of Illness

  • Your genetic makeup, lifestyle and environmental factors are interacting and changing constantly.
  • IRIS Wellness genetic screening test can detect whether you are well or at risk of getting sick on a molecular level.

How do I know if the treatment given to me is the best?

Risks of Mortality

  • While going through treatment, you may be experiencing unnecessary harsh side effects of that treatment, which does not work or may never work.
  • IRIS presents vital genetic test results and scientific comprehensive analysis information to enable your Doctor in selecting the best, targeted treatment for your overall well being.

How do I know if I’m going to stay healthy?

Risk of Recurrence

  • Do you want to know if the sickness or disease will come back again?
  • IRIS provides information that has the potential to help you detect or deter recurrence.